Top FAQs About creditrepair4less.com

We understand you may have some questions about who we are, what we do, how much does it cost and does it affect your credit. Here’s some of the most common questions we’re asked on a daily basis. We want you to be comfortable about who you’re working with and what’s going to happen before you sign anything.

  1. What Does creditrepair4less.com Do ?

    creditrepair4less.com is a leading debt negotiation company. So what does that mean? We negotiate with your creditors to get a reduction of your outstanding credit card balances. We get your creditors to agree to a lump sum payoff amount and they will forgive the rest of your balance. Debt negotiation is one of the most effective choices available to consumers. It’s a great choice if you have more debt than you can pay off in a 2 – 3 year time frame or are experiencing a financial hardship that has you falling behind (or just about to be) on your monthly payments.

  2. What Does It Cost ?

    First of all, there are no upfront fees and second, we only get paid when your debt is reduced. We only get paid for delivering results. Having said that, the fee varies by debt amount and the state you live, it ranges from 20-25% of the total debt enrolled.

  3. Does This Affect My Credit ?

    Yes, debt negotiation will negatively affect your credit temporarily and it can be improved after you have completed the program and you are debt free. The effects are not as severe as bankruptcy. If you are already behind on your bills, your credit score will already be lower so the effects of our program may not be as severe.

  4. Is This A Debt Consolidation Loan ?

    No, we do not offer debt consolidation loans. We can consolidate your debt into one low monthly payment. If you have bad credit, you will not qualify for a debt consolidation loan in the first place.

  5. Can I Negotiate With My Creditors On My Own ?

    Yes, you can negotiate with your creditors yourself and save yourself an extra 20-25% off your debt. (Our fee is 20-25% of the debt amount depending on the state they live in and the amount of debt they have.) Not everyone wants to talk to their creditors on a regular basis so they trust us to do it for them. Our debt negotiators have extensive knowledge in Federal & State consumer laws & exercise the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Credit Billing Act, as well as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to help settle your debt.

  6. How Long Will It Take To Get Out Of Debt ?

    It depends on how quickly you can build up your settlement funds and save for the settlement offers. The program length varies between 24-48 months, the faster you can save, the quicker you can get out of debt.

  7. Will I Get Sued By My Creditors ?

    There is a slight possibility that any creditor can sue you. However, lawsuits are expensive and creditors try to avoid them. We aim to complete the program as quickly as possible to avoid any lawsuits.

  8. Can I Continue To Use My Credit Cards ?

    No, you will not be able to use your credit cards that are enrolled in the program. Creditors will usually close your accounts after you have missed a few payments anyways. You may choose which debts you would like to enroll in the program. Your debt consultant will help you decide the best plan of action based on your current financial situation.

  9. Will I Have To Pay Taxes On The Forgiven Debt?

    That depends. Your creditors will issue you a 1099-C form for any debt forgiven over $600. The forgiven debt counts as income. But, if you are insolvent (you have more liabilities than assets) at the time we settle with your creditors, you may not have to pay any taxes on the forgiven debt.

    "A taxpayer is insolvent when his or her total liabilities exceed his or her total assets. The forgiven debt may be excluded as income under the ‘insolvency’ exclusion. Normally, a taxpayer is not required to include forgiven debts in income to the extent that the taxpayer is insolvent." – IRS.gov

    You will need to speak with a CPA or tax professional for help in this matter.

  10. What Do Others Say About creditrepair4less.com ?

    You can read over 1100 reviews on TrustPilot, we are the #1 rated debt consolidation company on Top Consumer Reviews and Top Ten Reviews. We are also an A+ BBB accredited business. You can read our BBB profile here.

  11. Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee ?

    Yes! We offer a Money Back Guarantee because we want Satisfied Customers! Our Guarantee: By joining our program, you will be on your way to reducing your debts. We are so confident in our professionalism, level of service and ability to get results, that we do not charge a single penny in fees until your debt is settled. Not a single penny! If we are unable to settle your debt or if you are unsatisfied for any reason up to the point of us settling your debts, you can cancel anytime without any penalties or fees! If we are not able to settle any of your accounts, you don’t pay us. It is that simple! We get results or you don’t pay! We call that our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

  12. What Makes Me a Good Candidate for Debt Negotiation ?

    A debt negotiation program is certainly not for everyone. Qualified candidates are those who have a legitimate financial hardship, which has caused them to fall behind on their payments to creditors, or will cause them to fall behind in the near future. creditrepair4less.com will not welcome anyone into the program that has the intentions of defrauding, deceiving, or swindling their creditors. We only represent consumers who are truly in need of our services and stand to significantly improve their financial situation.

  13. How Is Debt Negotiation Different From Bankruptcy ?

    Bankruptcy is an option that is generally treated as a last resort. It will remain on your credit report for 10 years & you can be denied employment, state licenses, insurance, as well as tenancy of an apartment. Most importantly, you can be denied virtually any type of credit with a bankruptcy on your report for several years. In addition, since the bankruptcy laws have changed recently, it is even more difficult to qualify for Chapter 7, the method of liquidating assets to eliminate your debt. You will not be allowed to discharge alimony, child support, taxes, student loans, judgments, or any loan on the bankruptcy petition. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your debt payments are simply restructured meaning you will still have to pay a percentage of your debts while you suffer the consequences of bankruptcy. Debt negotiation is an alternative to bankruptcy.

  14. Should I Keep Paying My Credit Card Bills ?

    Due to your legitimate financial hardship, you are able to participate in this savings program in order to help pay your debts in the future. We are not here to advise you not to pay your debts now, however if you continue to make payments to your creditors, there may be less debt or possibly none left at all for us to settle. If you are able to save money in this program & make payments to your creditors at the same time, then you probably don’t actually have a legitimate financial hardship.

  15. Who Is Holding My Money While I’m Waiting On A Settlement ?

    Your funds will be held at Global Client Solutions, which is an FDIC insured trust account. This account will be opened in your name with you having ultimate control over its funds. The monies collected in this account get disbursed only at the time a negotiation is reached with the creditor and you agree with the settlement offer.